Baya Clare was born in Missouri and later lived in Colorado for awhile. She now lives in Minnesota. In addition to her work as an artist she ministers in prisons and jails, and offers spiritual direction.

“We humans can get stuck in some pretty mean and monotonous dead ends sometimes. I think the work of all artists is to challenge and question those, to push the walls out so light and delight can get back in and we can remember who and what we really are. We can be generous. We can live together peacefully. Everyone can flourish; everyone is meant to flourish.

“I hope that my work brings you joy and flourishing. That is its purpose.”

Contact Baya via email at bayathread@gmail.com.

If you’d like a custom drawing of your house, click here for info about how to get one made.

See Baya’s other creative endeavors here.

CSJPrayer.net Contemplative prayer in the Ignatian tradition.

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